GeoFlora: Geometric Flower Wood Inlay Pendant

Express your style with a finely crafted Maple geometric flower inlaid in Walnut wooden pendant


Imagine a delicately crafted circular pendant, measuring 1.5 inches in diameter, made from rich, dark walnut wood. Across its surface, a striking and intricate geometric flower pattern emerges, meticulously inlaid with maple wood. Each petal and contour is intricately cut, showcasing the natural beauty of the contrasting woods. The smooth, oiled finish enhances the depth and detail of the design, creating a captivating piece that harmonizes the elegance of geometry with the warmth of organic materials.

Can be laser engraved on back with name or message. Finished with natural wood oil. Handmade in rural Ontario. Screw eye (glued) and Leather cord with pop clasp. Standard cord length is 20″ but you can order 22″ or 24″ if required.

Pendant width is 1.5″ inches and approximately .25″ thick. This is a unisex design.

This necklace is an eco-friendly option for stylish jewelry.

Pendant is approx. 4 grams in weight.

The click clasp is low profile and should not snag on clothing.