Handmade custom gifts are the answer.

I am sure we all have this dilemma once in a while. What do you get that family member that has everything?  What about the friend you love dearly and want your gift to be cherished?

Well, that’s how it all started;  our little handmade custom gifts and décor business.

Every year I search out items that are personal and unique gifts.  Looking for something that is practical, beautiful and meaningful.

This is where handmade comes in.  If it is handcrafted, no two will ever be the same. This appeals to me.   I love rustic but not everyone does. Wood can be rustic and modern, its natural grains are always unique. Hardwood yields a durable piece that can last a lifetime. If it gets dings or scratches, it can easily be refinished.

We were looking for a way to personalize the wood to give it more meaning to the receiver.  After much investment, we now have the ability to take text and images and engrave as script or graphics. This means you can give the dog lover an engraving of their favorite breed or a wine drinker a charcuterie board with a wine glass and fun saying.  Imagine a wedding gift with the bride and grooms name engraved to commemorate their day.

We create resin river charcuterie boards, trays, small tables, shelves, wall hangings and décor that can be personalized. We are working on a line of LED décor to be released soon.  Each piece takes at least a week to create, from start to finish. The resin alone needs 48 + hours to cure.

That is what we love to do here at Timber Mill Studio, create unique handcrafted custom gifts for family and friends that they will cherish forever.

Take care, Liz