When decorating a home or office space wood decor can exude warmth, charm and earthiness. Biophilic design is a big trend in architecture and interior design based on using natural materials to better connect people with the outdoors. Adding plants and wooden accents is one of the easiest ways to bring nature into your living space. The natural elements make it a fantastic material for contemporary design. Wood goes with everything! Never mind that solid wood items are unique to the tree type and grain pattern.

Wood work is durable. As a renewable natural resource, wood can last for hundreds of years. Refinishing is always an option and repairs can be made if damaged. Wood can also be repurposed and the style can be changed.

Decor or furniture made of solid wood is usually well crafted. As sturdy as the tree it came from. It may cost more for an initial investment but well worth a higher price to last. Also there is something to be said for handcrafted. Support your local woodworker or artisan.

Wood decor can be sleek and stylish, or traditional. Styles come and go but wooden decor is a staple and these items rarely go out of style. Well made decor can be passed down and custom personalized decor can become treasured keepsakes.

Wood is ecofriendly and no VOC’s. Wood is a natural renewable resource. It helps the planet and isnt going anywhere.

Ecofriendly Benefits of Wood Home Decor include:

  • Renewable, Recyclable, Natural. Timber is one of the few natural, renewable building materials
  • Carbon Positive
  • Low Energy Production
  • Studies show wood can benefit Health and Wellbeing
  • Natural Insulation

Wood is versatile, it can be made into many things. From furniture, to decor including ring boxes, wine racks, dog food stands, catch all trays, hooks and serving trays.

At Timber Mill Studio, we like clean lines, organic shapes and the beauty of the wood grain. Bringing nature inside is a key element of our material choices.  We finish with natural beeswax and mineral oil finishes. We use many techniques in production including, engraving, 2D carve, box joints, epoxy fill, wood inlay and more. We can personalize all items and make your one of a kind decor or gift just the way you want it.

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