Rough to Refined

We bring quality to your home. 
Follow the process  from raw to finished.

We hand select live edge wood from the sawmill. Kiln dried full sized slabs are shipped in. Our favorite are the richness of black walnut .  We also work in Cherry, Ash, Maple, Oak and more.

hardwood grains for trays and charcuterie boards
debarking live edge wood

Planning a piece involves determining the cut lines of the project from the wood slab.   We cut the slab on our band saw.

Debarking is done by hand to expose the beautiful edges and angles.

80 grit Sanding is imperative and caliper measurements are taken.  Sometimes we plane the board at this stage to even out the depth. Wood is cleaned and prepped for the next stage.

We inspect each piece for large divits or imperfections that will destabalize the wood over time.  If found, these are filled with epoxy to add strength.

If creating a resin river, we use a mold to do the resin pour. Epoxy is mixed with the desired colour using premium mica powders or transparent colours.  We use Canadian made resins containing zero VOCs with UV Resistance to protect against yellowing, and low odour during application.

After pouring, we apply heat to burst bubbles and monitor. Curing takes 48-72 hours.

After we release the piece from the mold, we plane it on both sides, router shape the edges and sand.  Sanding is a long process starting at 80 grit, working up to 400 grit and sometimes 600grit.

If we are engaving, we do that after sanding to 220 grit. We engrave using our CNC  or hand router and then continue sanding after engraving is complete.

After the finish sand and cleaning, we add any extras like, board feet or handles.

Finishing with a soft cloth our own Wood Renew or Walrus Oil Food Safe oil.

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