“Forever In My Heart” Heart Inlay Pendant Necklace-Handcrafted

Celebrate love with “Forever in my hear ” wood pendant. A great gift for a loved one.


Walnut and Maple hardwood Inlay Heart Pendant. Enjoy natural beauty and craftsmanship. This is a 1.5″ circular walnut pendant with intricate inlayed Maple creating a stunning contrast of colours and texture. Perfect for adding a touch of rustic charm to any outfit. Made to order in our woodworking shop.

Can be laser engraved on back with name or “Forever in my heart“. Finished with natural wood oil. Handmade in rural Ontario. Screw eye and Leather cord with pop clasp. Standard cord length is 20″ but you can order 22″ or 24″ if required.

Pendant width is 1.5” inches. This is a unisex design.

This necklace is an eco-friendly option for stylish jewelry.

Pendant is 6 grams in weight.

The click clasp is low profile and should not snag on clothing.